If I said you can now communicate with consumers on their own personalized branded microsite (at scale), would that be of interest to you? If so, read on. Activ8 Plus™ auto generates a branded personalized microsite from a texted or emailed photo. The branded microsite allows value exchange delivery, data collection, opt-in permissions, links to

Activ8 Plus™ amplifies event engagements by helping brands create emotional connections using photo and video through personalized microsites. From a texted or emailed photo, we create this brand controlled medium to retrieve an event photo, video or GIF right on mobile making sharing easy. From the microsite the brand can also communicate promotions and show

Who doesn’t love a good sales call?  Seriously.  No day is complete until some random-overseas-call-center person has called your phone repeatedly from different lines. Just warms the heart and makes you want to buy whatever they’re selling.  Ooooh. Or pop-up ads while you’re doing online research! And who can forget about the infomercials masquerading as

The 2-Step to Relevant Content: Think UGC! Have you ever wanted your own magic wand? No? Good for you. (Liar.) You go right ahead and have fun out there on your island. As for the rest of us… No shame.  We can all hug our magic wands together. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could

Go App-less! Tired of convincing your event attendees to download your event app? You are not alone. Apps are sooo 2016. Peter Kafta in the Record blog writes, “the app boom is over.”  App developers have known this for some time, as in most categories, app downloads are down. “Event apps can be cool, but……..give

The retail center.  Love it or hate it… You can’t deny it’s a social force.  Thriving with potential content.  Everywhere. Getting social in a retail space and taking photos is natural.  Whether trying on a new look for friends in person, or through selfies – photos are captured and shared. (Come on.  Let’s just be

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