Our Activ8 Plus™ delivery platform allows brands to communicate
direct on mobile – short form video, call-to-actions, web, app downloads,
branded sharing, analytics and social display. No app required.

Branded Photo/Video Retrieval Site

Allow consumers to retrieve their photo or video (UGC or onsite activation) through a personalized retrieval site. Our interactive platform allows for brands to deliver call-to-actions, drive website traffic, and encourage consumers to share their branded content via social media.

Digital Display
Our digital displays are designed to create visual impact and treat user-generated content with the respect they deserve. We take photos/videos and display the content in beautiful new ways, making the content more exciting and interactive.
Our platform provides rich reporting metrics to give you the data you need to make better informed decisions. Whether it’s seeing how many users participated in your campaign or measuring the amount of visitors to your website, our analytics has you covered.
Data Collection
Collect valuable and actionable insights about guests as they retrieve their branded content from their personlized microsite. You can automatically funnel your lead data to your CRM.
Content Control
Our moderation dashboard gives you a complete view of both your published content and content waiting in your moderation queue. Easily approve or deny content with a click of a button.
cloud_queue Cloud Control
We make it easy for the creative agency to take control of the look, feel, and layout to keep the brand integrity of the retrieval site. We have both standard customizations or complete customization depending upon your needs all from a personalized login at the control console.
Use with 3rd Party Software
Already using software for your activation? No problem, our interactive platform was designed to allow the use of 3rd party software. Simply install our uploader application and you will be able to tap into the power of our backend system.

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