Enabling audience involvement and activation across the digital divide, VIPPaaS entices, enrolls and engages your virtual event audience, wherever they may be.

You know CTMi for our innovative photo solutions for live events…now we are enabling virtual impresarios with personalized, show-stopping branding experiences.

We bring your remote, dispersed audience together in a fun, exciting way that connects them to your brand as never before, through a compelling personalized virtual experience.

At CTMi we’re all about Audience Involvement and Activation and VIPPaaS™ delivers!

Activation and Brand Interaction Forge a Lasting Relationship

Our Virtual Interactive Participation solution operates on CTMi’s industry leading Active8Plus™ platform to bring your audience into your virtual event. Active8Plus™ affords you multiple activating touch points, connecting your audience via mobile to personalized, client-branded webpages, just for them that resonates across the social media spectrum.

The versatile VIPPaaS™ enables direct communication with your audience, starting with a simple text message

...Guiding the participants to upload a photo to your Activ8Plus-powered branded mobile site

…Delivering in return a compelling, personalized microsite starring your consumer – and your brand

…And featuring additional content and activation opportunities, including branded video, Calls to Action, special offers and complete social sharing options

Audience involvement and activation finally comes to the digital world. Your event may be virtual, but the VIPPaaS™ connection is real and lasting.

Direct Connection for You. A Unique, Personalized Experience for Your Audience

The exclusive VIPPaaS™ delivers an audience eager to participate in your events, letting you relate to them as never before. And that’s more important today than ever. What drives them to connect with you?

  • Overcoming isolation through online participation in your virtual event community
  • Home is the new workspace…help them show it off through fun images and branding or a message shared with everyone via our live stream photo mosaic

Draw them into your virtual event with creative value exchanges they’ll want to redeem, “Like” and share!

CTMI Delivers for Brand Marketers and Event Producers

And what’s in this for you? A more personal connection with your audience and the opportunity for an ongoing conversation. Allowing you to build a closer bond between your brand and your customer.

Audience activation and high-quality data collection, along with the right offer means your customers participate willingly
Multiple activation touch points, including personalized web pages framed in your brand, links to downstream messaging, collateral delivery and more
The ability to deliver your message where it is the most immediate – on the customer’s mobile phone or tablet
Viral brand building through social media sharing of your branded customer photos and videos
Valuable Data and Insights – unfilterd, first-party data flows in real time – along with meaningful analytics

CTMi’s Active8 Plus Platform makes it all possible

VIPPaaS ™ puts your audience front and center, right in the middle of all the virtual action. And, we can do it in no time at all.

Easy implementation, quick deployment, simple execution, rapid results.
Data collection capabilities — contest entry, opt-in authorizations, newsletter registrations, etc — capture your customers’ key data directly, no third parties.
Easily export collected data to your CRM or lead management system.
Analytics and reports that let you dissect your virtual event and hone your marketing strategy.
Flexible cloud-based application that you can build and manage yourself, or we can ease the load and produce it for you.

Finally, a relationship marketing solution for the digital world. 
Call or email us today to Active Your Virtual Audience.

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