About Us

Integrated communications is our key to the successful fulfillment of our clients’ objectives

Um… what does that even mean? Let’s drop the buzzwords like synergistic, thought-leading and paradigm and get real.

By communications we mean between our clients and our staff, as well as between the departmental teams in-house. We ask a lot of questions! Our approach to meeting our clients’ objectives demands that we put the best team together for the scope of the project. I know, crazy talk, right?

The team always includes at least one of our onsite project managers to be sure the details we put in front of you and your clients actually come to pass onsite during execution. We understand completely that the impact a brand makes onsite is the flash point for going viral. Our team is dedicated to you, your client and most importantly, a successful activation.

Working through what you want and what you need, which aren’t always the same thing, takes a strong team. We like to think of ourselves as the roadies to your rock concert… we are here to make you look like the star. Each event team lead has their own group of logisitical ninjas, creative weirdos and onsite execution masters to make your event happen. You will be thrilled to know, you only have to talk to one of those people… the team lead will handle the rest. We’ll give you their email, direct office line and their cell phone and they are all yours. If things change with your event, as we all know they do, your team lead will be there, with open arms and love in their heart, ready to move that logo to the other side of the graphic… just for you!

In addition to the time we dedicate to making sure we have all of our ducks in a row when it’s go time, we also have weekly internal meetings (aka Beer Friday) when departmental lines are erased and it’s a free-flowing atmosphere of ideas, suggestions and ways to improve what we already think is awesome… with more awesomeness.