Baker Hughes Goes Green with Junior Achievement Bowlathon: A CTMe Green Screen Event


Bowling has been destroying athletes’ winning streaks for years. Nothing humbles a starting lineman like strutting up to the lane, prepared to roll a strike and dropping the ball with an echoing thud –behind him … as the ball rolls backwards in shame away from its un-champion.  (True story. Double date.  He almost cried.)

If humiliation isn’t reason enough to go bowling, then go for the rental shoes. But never go alone.  Getting your game on with a high score of 55 should be done in public. Better yet, go with a group and bowl with a purpose. Let your gutter balls go down in glory! Like these guys…


(They’re the walking dead-icated. How couldn’t they be fun?)


All these fun Baker Hughes people knocked down pins to raise money for Junior Achievement. They didn’t just bowl.  With some help from CTM Events, they got funky with green screen photos.

YourPhotos_2016-05-26_12-04-16 YourPhotos_2016-05-26_12-09-54


Gotta love the versatility of a traditional green screen.  If you’re thinking green screen, CTMe has you covered.


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