Four Winning Corporate Hospitality Marketing Event Themes

Tired of the same boring corporate social event every year? Your clients are. This year, toss out the stale appetizers and cheap champagne in favor of a night of theme-party fun! These corporate event themes are sure to be a hit with your clients and leave them talking about your party for months to come.

75501. Vegas Night – This one’s a classic! Casino-themed parties allow you to bond with your clients over an exciting run at the craps table or in the glow of flashing lights from the slot machines. Everyone loves an excuse to dress up, so make it a fancy affair. Donating the proceeds to a local charity is a great way to show clients that your business is a solid pillar of the community they care about.

125982. Survivor – Think of this as a fun twist on the generic luau themed party. As guests arrive, divide them into tribes with different colored leis. Immunity challenges can help the tribes socialize and build trust among each other, but make sure you avoid gross-out challenges that might turn clients off. Instead of eating real bugs in a bug eating competition, try the gummy variety. Your clients will thank you.

78353. Beach Party – Turn your corporate hospitality marketing event into an outing for the whole family. Break out the picnic foods—think burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad—and set up games for all ages. Throw in some three-legged racing and you’ve got a Norman Rockwell painting. Not to mention some real down-to-Earth bonding time with your clients and their nearest and dearest.

152894. Hollywood Red Carpet – Let your clients feel like stars as they walk the red carpet and pose for snapping paparazzi cameras. Once past the cameras, screen a new movie for your clients, complete with popcorn and drinks. You can use the time before previews to mingle and thank your guests for coming, and then sit back and enjoy the movie with all of your favorite customers. During the movie, have your “paparazzi” print out the pictures of your guests to hand out as mementos as they leave.

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