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There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~Ansel Adams Ansel Adams saw his first photos published in 1922. America fell in love with the California wilderness, as seen through the eyes of this avid outdoorsman. People love great visuals. Whether it’s high school sweethearts smooching in a 1960s photo


    Some things just go together.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Green eggs and ham. Billary.  Brangelina.  Kimye…  And CTM Interactive with green screen.         Break with tradition and pigeon-holed creations. Mix it up. Get crrrazy.  Stereotypes and pigeon-holes are made to be destroyed. And here’s another you can throw out the


“Listening can make the difference between a mediocre organization and a great one.”              Lee Iacocca   Relationships take work. A client isn’t a dollar sign or your next meal ticket.  If your goal is to develop longevity with a business or brand, then cultivating an authentic client connection is


The 80s.  Love it. Leave it. But you can’t deny it.  The decade smacked our senses with big hair and even bigger music.  Then, MTV served it up on a video platter. And we liked it. Video grabbed viewers and never let go. It transports. It entertains. It engages Video has power. Between April 2015


What happened? You had an ephiphany. You made big plans. People were going to be talking about your event for days. Weeks. They would tell their grandchildren!! Oooh… they’re talking alright. They remember the photographs being in a weird place. The waiting. Too much waiting for the actual activities to start. And their disappointment hangs


How many selfies did you see this week?  Seriously.  Consider all the Facebook profiles, Twitter pics, LinkedIn shots, etc., featuring a selfie spot.  Are they professional photos?  Nah. People are taking matters into their own hands. After all, who doesn’t live for a great selfie? Especially of the world’s next supermodel – your aunt Nancy.  Her

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Welcome to the CTM Interactive blog. Here you can find the latest news about our industry, new product realeases, tips, and more!

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