Powerbar Rocks the Animated GIF



Powerbar is quite literally on the move. 


It all began on a perfect autumn harvest day in October… (because Harvest bars are awesome!) Powerbar is hitting the road and not only nourishing but entertaining runners across the states at the Rock N Roll Marathons… Standing by with sustenance is only part of their plan. The crew at Powerbar has more fun rolled up in their proverbial sleeves.  


And CTMi is with them!

(Not running – because no one was chasing us. We’re all about the entertaining.)


We started the tour with a little green screen. Some polite and pretty poses. 








But, this tour is too crazy fun for stationary poses.  We need to GIF it action. Like…




No time for posing when a bear is on the loose.  Look out, lady! He’s gittin your shoulder!! (She knows it, too.  That face speaks volumes.)



And then there’s…   this stuff.  Because, well, it is the Rock N Roll Marathon! 




(Did she just..? YesShe just hit him.With her guitar.)



“Hey, Y’all!  Look at me!  I’m running on this bridge!” (I look good running on this here bridge.)



PowerBar’s fans were all about the animated gif.  Running from bears, rockin’ out and just running.  They loved it and they shared it on social media.


… and it’s not over! CTMi will be hanging with PowerBar until their tour concludes in October.  Stop by and get in on the action.  Run, rock out, make faces… just make it your own animated gif.



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Have we seen you on the tour? Tell us about it. 









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