The New Reality of Photo Booths for Private and Corporate Social Events

8155A typical large corporate event may have a roving candid photographer to capture the essence of the event. At a wedding ceremony and reception, one photographer may be snapping candid shots while the other poses the participants, because many brides want the photojournalistic style used on the big day. The standard bridal party pictures are only a small part of the final outcome. The happy couple wants to return from their honeymoon to find photos of not only the wedding party, but of all those in attendance. They want to see all that was going on around them – not just what they were privy to, but what their old high school friends may have been doing.

In years past, there were a few choices. Fork over even more money to pay event photographers needed to capture all those candid snapshots, or place a not-so-high-tech cardboard camera on each table with a snazzy list of instructions. “Please take pictures of our big day. Leave the camera as you walk away!” There’s nothing quite like a first-rate photo from a disposable Fuji to commemorate the most important day of your life. Lastly, there’s the option of renting a photo booth. Everybody stops what they’re doing to hustle over to the photobooth and squeeze in for a quick pic.

But who needs to hire extra event photographers, cardboard cameras or mall-sized memory boxes? A smartphone can replace all three while concurrently engaging guests at any private or corporate social event. In essence, the smartphone has become a pocket-size photo booth. With the right app, guests practically do all the work – and they love it! They takes a quick pic, apply a filter and nifty hashtag, and upload the photo to Instagram. They may even attach that memory maker to an email or text and send it out.

Whether the engagement occurs at a wedding reception, bar or bat mitzvah, graduation party, milestone birthday, or even a corporate social event with hospitality marketing like a company holiday party or company picnic, social event guests love being creative with their photos. That could come in the form of a non-traditional pose or with the addition of filters and effects to the picture itself. This creativity makes the experience more fun for friends and family, too. Who can resist sharing a homegrown photo (taken by “yours truly”)? And so the fun just ripples like a wave across social media.

Recognizing this, event photo entertainment companies that use photobooths (whether open-air or enclosed) to create fun and excitement at social events are now shaping their offerings to mirror the way guests interact with photos on their own smartphones and in social media…because all the smartphones in the world will never replace the interactive experience of a photo booth. Recognizing this, in addition to offering photos with custom messaging and corporate identity, event photobooth companies are now offering guests the opportunity to apply their own filters and effects to those photos and share them to social media immediately, even if the photo was taken on a smartphone and not at the booth. These companies have, in essence, become a real-life app themselves.

Photo-driven social networks like Facebook and Instagram have made the 21st century version of the event photo booth more relevant than ever.

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