The Perfect Favor for Social Events and Hospitality Marketing

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Mark Riboud

7498Whether you’re doing the chicken dance or gittin’ down old school with the electric slide… if either one of these dance tunes is played, you know you’re probably at one of these events: a wedding, a bar or bat mitzvah, a milestone birthday bash or a class reunion. Hopefully, you’re on the dance floor with good friends making memories. We can all agree – it’s more fun to bust a move with other willing participants (or at least to sit at a table and catch up on life.)

And then, you ooh and ahhh over the cute teddy bears or goodie bags you get to take home at the end of the night.


Who leaves a stellar party and reminisces over the buffet or the perfectly seasoned prime rib? Not the people who had fun, made friends, or rekindled old friendships. Often the big parties are commemorating major life events. It may be a sweet sixteen, or it may be a wedding reception. Whatever the event, if it’s a life event, then you can pretty much bet all that planning served a specific purpose. The host wants you to remember. The host has probably taken great care – perhaps lost sleep – over the details of this important event. It matters.

So, what’s an event host to do about a favor for guests? If you’re an event planner, what ideas for wedding favors should you recommend to your client?

Customized M&Ms are nice. At least half the guests are sure to love a little chocolate. They’ll eat them. They’ll be gone before they can melt in their hands. Goodie bags are great. Lots of fun stuff can be packed in those. But this major stepping stone needs to be remembered by the guests, right? So, you need to incorporate a favor that works with the event theme, adds value to the guests’ choice to attend and fosters a fond memory of the party. Candy bags and bobble heads don’t exactly exude “Momentous Occasion,” do they?

Again, what should the favor be?

Well, it’s simple…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But not just any kind of picture.

685804510073563619_243864841Personalization is key. Personalizing the picture takes the memory factor to another level, and greenscreen event photography works perfectly for this. It allows for large groups to have fun interacting within custom graphics designed to match the theme of the occasion. In this case study video, an event planner herself explains how an open green screen photobooth solves the classic wedding favor dilemma (registration required).

Green screen photos are worth every penny too. The hostess can have hundreds of photos printed every hour. That means guests can pick and choose which picture they want to take home. For a few dollars, every guest has a tangible memory in their hands as they leave.

There’s a reason why one of the most popular scrapbooking companies is called “Creative Memories.” Pictures are memories. Good or bad, ugly, crazy or embarrassing… a picture tells a story. It kindles a memory. It commemorates an occasion in a way that a fuzzy bear or key chain cannot. There is a permanency to a photo. It holds a moment in time, a place in the heart.

Flowers are beautiful. They smell nice. But they die.

Chocolates are delicious. You can even call them comforting. A moment on the lips forever on the hips, but certainly not remembered.

Teddy bears, key chains, bubbles… the list of things that are forgettable is extensive.

Pictures, on the other hand, are a snapshot of life. They SYS103_201405022051379217transport us to another place and time. They stop time – if even for just a moment – to say this minute matters. A highly personalized green screen photo is forever…and one of the best ideas for favors you can give away to guests at private celebratory events of all kinds.

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