This changes event photo activation

Combine the internet, user generated content, social walls and Activ8 Plus™

User generated content continues to rise and the emphasis of Apple, Google, Facebook, Snapchat and others are an area that must be activated

Because the user is in control UGC has limited the brands ability to leverage this phenomenon.

No branded social posts * No data capture * No opt-ins * No interaction

But now Activ8 Plus™ not only allows for all the above but also breaks down the physical barriers of the venue and event and opens your activation to the world!

So we did not invent the internet (Al Gore did that)

We did not invent UGC

We did not invent social displays

What we did invent was the tying all 3 together by branding the UGC with our Activ8 Plus™ service.

Faster * more inclusive * more fun * more effective * less expensive


  • Random
  • Managed
    • Themed backdrops
    • Iconic set ups
    • Props
    • Use their favorite special effect apps (Prisma, Youmask, Snapchat (yes we can brand Snapchat photos too)
    • Lighting if necessary


  • Extend your campaign to nonevent attendees

So how does this work?

  • The user
    • Text to a short code
      • Use ours
      • Get a vanity code (more expensive)
    • Or email photo – think
    • And you can still use # but with limited benefits
  • Link back yields a fully branded photo
    • Manipulate photo
      • Add stickers (tattoos, mascots, logos)
      • Position yourself next to spokes person
    • Share on social media (yep it is branded)
      • NEW – offer to have photo posted on Brand’s Facebook (ask us how we do that)
    • Links to:
      • Other sites
      • Sweepstakes
      • Yelp (or other rating services)
    • Auto collect email or mobile number for future permission based opt-in. WOW!
    • Collect more data (whatever you want)
  • Displayed onsite on social wall (people love to see themselves on the big screen)
    • Display (monitors or projection)
      • 37 photo display for large events
      • One at a time for smaller events
      • Fun themes
      • Tweets too if desired
    • Embed on your site or event landing page
      • Another reason to go to your site
      • Allows nonevent attendees to participate
    • This display (or multiple) becomes an entertainment hub; people watch for themselves and others
  • Reporting completes the package

Try it – text a photo to 54248 use #demo or email a photo to and then wait as it comes back to you branded with sharing options. Click here to see the magic appear on the social wall.

Activ8 Plus™ is a service of CTM Interactive. Contact us at or 1-877-895-8700.

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