April 5, 2017

Put the Selfie to Work … and Put Away All Those Apps

How many selfies did you see this week?  Seriously.  Consider all the Facebook profiles, Twitter pics, LinkedIn shots, etc., featuring a selfie spot.  Are they professional
April 5, 2017

Stand Out from the Crowd

By Megan Powers, guest blogger (@meganpowers)   Photos are awesome. And they’re even more awesome when they’re shared. Seriously–how much time would people spend on Facebook
November 17, 2016

Brand Spokesperson and the consumer – The start of great relationship

If a brand is represented by a small green reptile, or a pink rabbit, or cute little blue bird, can we still call them “spokespeople?” We’re
October 25, 2016

This changes event photo activation

Combine the internet, user generated content, social walls and Take It……Flip It……Share It!™ User generated content (UGC) continues to rise and the emphasis of Apple, Google,
July 5, 2016

AT&T Lives with Pride: A few thousand brand-toos…

The last couple of weeks weren’t just regular weeks for us. They were weeks filled with laughter, and tears, expressions of love, peace and hope across
June 16, 2016

Baker Hughes Goes Green with Junior Achievement Bowlathon: A CTMe Green Screen Event

  Bowling has been destroying athletes’ winning streaks for years. Nothing humbles a starting lineman like strutting up to the lane, prepared to roll a strike
June 9, 2016

Powerbar Rocks the Animated GIF

  Powerbar is quite literally on the move.    It all began on a perfect autumn harvest day in October… (because Harvest bars are awesome!) Powerbar
May 20, 2016

Creative Movement: Animated Gif Bursts on the Event Scene

    True confession.   I have a love-hate relationship with the Animated GIF. Own it, people.  You know, as well as I do, that some
March 18, 2016

DIY is Overrated

DIY    is    overrated.  (I paused for effect. Look at that. No lightning struck me dead.)   Seriously. When did being the Walmart of events