entermersion™ 3D backdrops

Make your next event remarkable by immersing your guests into the scene using our new entermersion™ service which creates a fun and entertaining activation utilizing photos, GIF’s and boomerangs that has proven to increase sharing. Onsite slide show or mosaic revealing graphic adds to the entertainment.

See How The 3D Backdrop Set Up Works!

Easy to Create

3D Backdrops & Floors are readily transportable and is simple to set up!

Easy on the Budget

3D Backdrops & Floors are a budget friendly option for any event!

Fun & Interactive - Guests will love it!

3D Backdrops & Floors offer a unique experience for guests, allowing them to interact with it!

Use our Stock Backdrops or Create Your Own!

3D Backdrops & Floors can be completely customized, or use one of our stock backdrops. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Your guests can not only see the background – they can interact with it! Put your guests in a race car, on a huge wave, or send them to space without ever leaving your event.

By using some of the most innovative technology, we are able to create a branded experience that no guest will ever forget. Not to mention, it makes for extremely shareable content!