Boost your event marketing with an interactive experience

Interactive experiences are quickly replacing static forms of event marketing, and this isn’t just a trend. There is every reason to believe that interactivity is here to stay for the long term, especially if you’re looking at the numbers.

CTM Interactive can help those in charge of event marketing deliver this compelling form of content and help enhance the way marketers advocate for their brands. We manage this with interactive photo and video experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Is interactivity important for event marketing?

Absolutely. It’s difficult to oversell how much of a marketing-changer interactivity is, and there’s a lot of statistics to back this up. For example, some surveys by the Content Marketing Institute found the following:

  • More than 80 percent of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective than static content at capturing attention.
  • Only half of marketers are using interactive content, which means there are opportunities out there for marketers to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Two-thirds of marketers agree that interactive content drives better audience engagement.
  • About 80 percent of marketers agree that combining interactive experiences with other marketing improves message retention. And 75 percent of marketers state that interactive content helps build leads.

This list could go on and on, but the point is – marketers know the potential of interactive experiences, so the question is how to deliver that experience to consumers and B2B decision makers.

How CTM Interactive Can Improve Your Event Marketing

Whether your event is an industry trade show, a convention, a concert, a sporting event or something else entirely, we can enhance it with a memorable, brand-building experience. Any event where there is a lot of traffic is going to have a variety of distractions and messages competing for attention. We can help marketers rise above this noise and get people involved with the brand. Here’s how we can boost your marketing power:

  1. One-of-a-kind experiencesWe offer a range of interactive experiences for photography and videography. Some of those experiences include composed photography, animated GIFs, slow motion video effects, camera arrays and green screen solutions.

    Our green screen experiences are particularly impactful, as they are versatile enough to fit into any event marketing initiative. They can add an element of fun or of professionalism and can be customized with branding elements. With the addition of a 3D backdrop, green screens can be used to drop someone in a scene, and not just in front of it. It’s a powerful effect that garners immediate attention.

  2. Easy photo capturing – CTM Interactive’s Activ8 software makes image and video capturing simple, and it can be used with an iPad or Windows-based device. We can provide Activ8-enabled iPads, either for rent or lease, or provide a version of the Activ8 software for your vendor’s Windows system.

    Alternatively, marketers can leverage the power of user-generated content (UGC) in crafting an interactive experience. With Activ8 UGC, participants text a photo and keyword to a shortcode, and they receive their photo or video in return.

  3. Delivery solutions that keep people engaged An interactive experience is designed to be memorable, so it should reinforce the brand. We ensure event marketing remains the priority, with delivery solutions that drive additional engagement.

    For example, we can set up a microsite for the event, directing people to the site when they access their photo or video. This site is branded and can include features like call-to-action buttons, social sharing options and our unique flip feature, which delivers a custom announcement or message to the user.

    We can also provide an online event display, using a clean, sophisticated aesthetic to present the content properly. This display is branded and encourages people to browse it in search of their experience, or that of their friends or coworkers.

    If you have an existing site and would prefer to embed the images on that site, we can make it happen. We can also work with marketers to ensure the embedded images are presented properly.

  4. Data collection and reporting Event marketing only works if it provides actionable information to the marketer. The Activ8 software does exactly that, with data collection and reporting capabilities that provide valuable insight. Activ8’s data collection can be used in conjunction with a newsletter, a subscription or a contest, and is exported to your preferred CRM, and in CSV format.

    Activ8’s reporting platform is visual and easy to read, and includes valuable metrics like the number of people who participated in the event marketing, or the number of visitors to your website.

Interactive event marketing is changing the way brands and consumers engage with each other. It’s memorable, interesting, impactful and, most of all, it’s something people want to participate in. Interactivity should be a focus for your next event, and CTM Interactive can provide the tools and expertise to get there.