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Capture Solutions

Whether you take it, we take it, they take it, or a 3rd party takes it we have a solution for you
VIP PaaS™ Software
Our software creates a simple process for a brand ambassador to use an iPad to take photos including 3D backdrops, green screen, GIF, Boomerang and video. They ask for the cell or email and the link to their experience is sent right to their phone. You can use your own or rent, lease or purchase from us.
Allow participants to text a photo with a keyword to a shortcode and receive a link back to the branded photo retrieval site, with call-to-actions, flip feature, social sharing, and much more. Leverage the trend of mobile and UGC (user-generated content) and incorporate VIP PaaS™ UGC.
VIP PaaS™ Roaming
Want to create a fun experience with guests and your brand? Have a photographer/brand ambassador walking around taking a photo, video, or boomerang of guests at your event, then simply ask for their cell phone or email for the guest to receive a copy of their experience right on their phone.
VIP PaaS™ Uploader
If you have a favorite activation or vendor and still want to use our platform, we can provide software that will allow a vendor’s Windows based system to upload photos and videos to our platform and then both you and the participant unlock access to our entire VIP PaaS™ platform.
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