A Photo Booth Makes Any Event Memorable

Photo booths are an exciting way to add something special to any marketing event, wedding, music concert, sporting event or birthday party. Photo booths are fun and provide a great way for your guests or potential clients to remember the event. Marketing is trending toward interactivity, and for good reason. Both consumers and B2B decision makers prefer interactive experiences to static, strictly visual marketing efforts. There’s a major branding advantage that comes with photo booths as they can offer a range of experiences, so they fit in any setting, whether professional, formal or informal.

The Advantages of a Modern Photo Booth

CTM Interactive takes the standard photo booth and enhances it, adding several features that would be difficult to achieve with just a typical camera. Where most booths take a few snapshots and print them out, modern versions can do much more. Some of our experiences include:

  • Professionally-composed photos – A vibrant, well-staged photo is always a welcome memento, and when branded, it can also serve as an effective marketing tool. For instance, a photo booth can be paired with a backdrop that contains your organization’s logo or icon. Participants provide their e-mail or phone number, and they receive their photo back. CTM Interactive can also set up delivery solutions for the photos, so they can be sent with call-to-action buttons or social sharing capabilities.

    CTM Interactive can also develop a standalone site for your event’s photography, giving it an extra professional touch that will be sure to impress.

  • Animated GIFsThe only thing better than a well-composed photo is several of them, arranged in an animated GIF-like format. Animated GIFs encourage participants to experiment and have as much fun as possible. Animated GIFs are an emerging trend for event and marketing photography, as they can attract people who would otherwise not be drawn to a typical photo booth.
  • Camera arrays Camera arrays achieve an effect that is somewhere between static photos and animated GIFs. A photo booth with a camera array features several cameras positioned close together. All of the cameras take a photo at the same time, and when the photos are arranged in sequence, like an animated GIF, it creates a mesmerizing effect.
  • Slow motion effects – Capturing video and altering it in ways that make it more interesting for viewers is another way to make an impression. This is primarily done using slow motion effects, which can be used to produce a dynamic action scene or create a “glam cam” effect that is often seen in music videos.
  • “Graffiti” effects Photo booths that can simulate Instagram or Snapchat filters are likely to bring in a lot of people, as these features are familiar to so many. With a graffiti wall, for instance, the camera will look for any faces framed in the photo and add in illustrated effects, giving the photo a cartoon-like effect. It’s an excellent way to bring groups together and give participants something to laugh about.
  • Green screen effects Green screens are powerful additions to a photo booth, giving marketers and event planners a ton of options in creating interactive experiences. Any background can be substituted for a green screen, so they have few limits. They’re particularly effective for launch events, where people can be added to a scene or next to a product.

    CTM Interactive can do more with its green screens. For example, we can add a 3D backdrop to the screen, so people aren’t just standing in front of the scene—they are also standing on top of it, so anyone in the frame looks like they are immersed in the scene. It’s a subtle effect, but different enough from typical green screen that it makes a fun and memorable impact.

Modern Photo Booths Simplify Photo Delivery

Taking the photo is just the first step. The photo booth must be able to send the edited photo back as well. The experience is much more impactful when participants get their photos back promptly, which is why CTM Interactive features advanced delivery options. They include:

  1. A retrieval site – CTM Interactive can set a microsite aside for your event, sending participants a link to the site when their photo is ready. The link can be e-mailed or texted and can be designed with call-to-action buttons, social sharing options or links to brand-relevant content. With CTM Interactive’s flip feature, a message or announcement can be sent along with the photo, making for a superb marketing opportunity.
  2. Event displays – CTM Interactive can develop an event website that’s intended for all event participants to access. Event displays are similar in appearance to portfolio websites, so they have a sophisticated aesthetic that can support your brand.
  3. Website embedding – If you already have a website ready for the event, CTM Interactive can assist with embedding the photos on your site. The goal is always to present the photos with the respect they deserve, using a clean aesthetic that can work with any site layout or design.

Photo booths are inviting, versatile and adventurous, which are all good traits to have in a marketing initiative. In the social media age, people like taking photos, documenting unique experiences and sharing them, which makes CTM Interactive’s photo booths the perfect addition to any event.