Mobile Photo Booths Are a Modern Take on a Classic Favorite

Mobile photo booths are undergoing a surge in popularity, and according to Google’s search statistics, between 2005 and 2012, more people searched for photo booths than wedding DJs. Event photography and videography are thriving, and with CTM Interactive’s mobile photo booth experiences, your marketing event or special occasion will offer something memorable for everyone attending.

Mobile photo booths aren’t like the curtained boxes you might see at a mall, and they’re much more capable than the typical camera. A mobile photo booth takes up no more space than a podium and is designed to be easy to use, making this an ideal option for a wide variety of marketing events.

What can a mobile photo booth do?

Mobile photo booths are designed to be easy to move, so they can be positioned and repositioned as the situation demands. They’re also designed to be easy to use, as they can be used in tandem with an iPad or other device. Most people will find the interface immediately familiar, so they won’t hold up the line or walk away in frustration.

The booth is easy to move and the camera is easy to use, but what can it do? With only a couple button presses, participants can activate the camera and instantly set up one of many photo or video experiences. Participants select an experience and the photo booth gives them what they want, without the need to configure settings or lighting. Some mobile photo booths come with onboard lighting to enhance how the photos look. A photo booth with a ring light, for example, can reproduce the same effect that’s commonly seen in fashion or feature photography.

Mobile photo booths can also be integrated into your marketing efforts, so they can be used with data collection and photo delivery methods that encourage brand engagement.

How Mobile Photo Booths Improve Marketing

A mobile photo booth may be compact and unassuming, but its impact on your marketing is anything but. These are automated booths that people can operate in seconds. They’re uncomplicated and inviting, two traits every marketer wants associated with their branding efforts. However, the impact of photo booths on branding goes deeper than just providing a fun, user-friendly experience, including the following examples:

  • According to SEO411, social media posts that include photos are twice as likely to receive a positive response. Social media posts with videos are 12 times more likely to be shared.
  • The Content Marketing Institute found that content receives nearly twice the number of views when it includes relevant images.
  • The Content Marketing Institute also reported that half of all marketers agree that video provides the best ROI. Fortunately, mobile photo booths can capture video as well.

Of course, all of this extra marketing power won’t do any good if the images aren’t delivered effectively.

CTM Interactive Can Develop a Retrieval Site or Embed it on an Existing Site

Once the image is captured and ready, it is e-mailed or texted back to the participant, using contact information they provide. The participant clicks on a short code that sends them to the retrieval site, and this site can be designed with numerous features that will drive engagement further. For instance, the retrieval site may have prominent call-to-action buttons that instruct participants to check out a product or sign up for updates. The retrieval site can be built with social sharing buttons, which are especially important because people are much more likely to share photos and videos than other media. CTM Interactive also has a unique flip feature that will play a message or announcement when the site is accessed. All of this is integrated with the company’s branding in a visually appealing way, which helps make a positive impression.

Some events may be better represented with one of our online event displays that are designed with a sophisticated aesthetic that encourages visitors to spend time looking through the gallery. There are plenty of display options available, and they can all be branded for maximum effectiveness.

If the organization wants the photos and videos on their own site, CTM Interactive can help with that too, embedding the photos and arranging them for easy navigation. You don’t need technical skills to get your event photos online, because we can handle it for you.  

Mobile photo booths can be adapted to any of these delivery methods, so no matter who is taking the photos or where they are going, the process is simple and reliable.

Easy to Handle, Easy to Use, Easy to Brand

Mobile photo booths offer it all to a creative marketing team, with an experience that people will find compelling and exciting. CTM Interactive can make it simple for the marketing team, too, with several capturing and delivery options, designed to fit into any marketing initiative.