VIP PaaS™ Platform

Our VIP PaaS™ delivery platform allows brands to communicate direct on mobile with short form video, call-to-actions, app downloads, branded sharing, analytics and digital display.

Retrieval Site

Retrieval Site

Allow participants to retrieve their photo/video through a personalized retrieval site, with call-to-actions, sharing options, and much more.
Call to Action Buttons

Take advantage of call-to-action buttons, by allowing participants to click to your website, coupons, apps, and more.
Flip Feature

Unlock a great marketing opportunity with a special message or announcement to participants with our unique flip feature.
Photo/Video Branding

You control the way you want to share your brand by creating or having us create a branded overlay for your event. Each photo, or video that comes through your retrieval site will have your personalized overlay added, to help promote your campaign each time it’s shared.
Sharing Options

Instant access to social media buttons allow participants to share branded photos or videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, and email with ease. Get more exposure for your brand through social sharing as it promote your brand each time it’s shared.

Digital Display

Event Display

Our event displays are designed to create visual impact and treat content with the respect they deserve. We take photos/videos and display the content in beautiful new ways, making the content more exciting and interactive.
Website Embed

Our website embeds are designed to create visual impact and treat content with the respect it deserves. We allow you to take photos/videos from your event and display them directly on your own website in an interactive way.

Data Collection


Amplify your retrieval site by adding data collection as an entry into a contest or sweepstakes.

Use data collection to entice participants to subscribe to your newsletter or subscription before they get to their branded content.
Export Data

Export collected data from your event to your favorite CRM, or lead management system. Your data is exported in the flexible CSV format.


Our platform provides rich reporting metrics to give you the data you need to make better informed decisions. Whether it’s seeing how many users participated in your campaign or measuring the amount of visitors to your website, our analytics has you covered.
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