Santa Program Equipment

What equipment will I need for the Santa Program?

1. In the most simplistic form, you will need a laptop (or desktop) for Santa and a laptop where the children are. Both need to have a webcam and be connected to the internet. It makes for a nicer video if you have a holiday backdrop.

2. Of course if you are a mall or a business (or even in your home) you may want a bigger set up where the children are and it can be as big and elaborate build-out as you want. Or just get a little bigger monitor and hook it up to your laptop (your laptop will need a HDMI cable port). You can use all your own equipment, or we can supply it to you - including backdrops.

3. All you really need is a laptop that has a webcam and connected to the internet. If you want a bigger set up below is what you will need.

a. A monitor whatever size you want. Needs to have a HDMI port.
b. Computer to run the monitor – Must have a HDMI port and 2 USB ports for the keyboard and for the webcam.
c. HDMI Cable from the computer to the monitor.
d. USB cable extension for webcam cable if too short to computer (webcams come with USB cable attached).
e. High quality Web Cam.
f. Keyboard and mouse to connect to the computer.
g. You will need a power extension cord (power strip).
h. In both locations you should have a backdrop depicting the season. Use your own or you can rent or purchase one from us.