Santa Program FAQs

1. Is this program confined to just the United States?
No, you can use this software anyplace in the world that has an internet connection.
2. Are the kids usually expecting to sit on Santa’s lap?
Even kindergarten schools are using iPads and computers so the kids find it natural to video chat with Santa.
3. How are the Covid safe practices implemented?
First Santa is in a remote location so no issue there. The children with the parents line up using typical social distancing. When it is their turn they sit in a chair and have nothing to touch. The operator wearing a mask and gloves positions the camera if necessary and Santa appears on the screen and starts the chat. When completed the operator scans a code card (further info below) and using a grabber stick hands it to the parent and together the parent and child exit the area and the next child sits it the chair.
4. How do I get started to use this program?
Our program is available as a SaaS program allowing you to download the software and set everything up yourself. Some knowledge of computers and graphics is necessary. If you do not have these skills, you can contact us and we will turnkey the project for you using one of our photographer partners, OR you can have your favorite photographer contact us to set them up as a user for our software.
5. How does it actually get started with the first child?
Both the operator (onsite staff person) and Santa will have an URL and a unique code given to them. When they are ready, they will connect to the URL and they will be asked for the code and once they input it and change it to the code, they will be connected. Other than the chat, there is no direct communication between them in our system so they can communicate by cell phone prior to getting started. When logged-in Santa will see whatever the onsite camera is seeing on one side and will see copy on the other side “waiting for Santa”. The screen at the onsite location will see the same thing. When the record stroke is hit the camera at the onsite location will show and record the child and Santa will immediately see the same thing and will know to start the chat.
6. Can I collect data or ask survey question of the parents?
If that is what you want to do, yes, our system allows for that.
7. How much does this service cost?
Like all SaaS programs this is a subscription (many other photo and video services are included for online (virtual events), onsite events (Covid sensitive) and hybrids) and is $1.000.00 for a month of service for one device allowing for as many campaigns as you wish. After the holidays you can drop down to our standard programs which are all included with unlimited uploads for $199.00 per month.
8. How is the video delivered?
After the Santa visit concludes the staff operator will scan a code card that has an URL and a unique code. The participant will go to that URL and input the code and they will immediately see their video chat on a microsite. The microsite can be branded and customized with colors and backgrounds as well as links and our special flip video feature that can be set up as a simple Holiday greeting from a sponsor to make it a very personal experience. You can see samples of other microsites here. Be sure to click above the photos to see how the flip feature can be used.
9. What is the code card and how do I get them?
About the size of a business card, the code has an URL (either our default URL or you can use a custom URL for your event), and a unique code number on it. After the video is taken the operator scans the card by holding it up to the webcam and the system ties that code to the microsite with their video. We can supply you with the cards -- $0.10 for standard cards or $0.20 per card for custom cards with a $25.00 flat fee and a 200 minimum order. We are developing a program to allow you to print your own cards which will be available soon. The code card scanning was developed so social distancing can be maintained by using a grabber to deliver the card.
10. How does the microsite that delivers the video get customized?
The customization can happen 2 ways. If you are a SaaS client then you will be given access to the console that identifies all the customized features and what size to make them and how to upload them. At any time you can click on a preview and see how the microsite actually looks so you can make adjustments if you wish. If you do not wish to be a SaaS client, we can do the work for you. The background, the overlays, links, flip video are all customizable.
11. How long is the Santa Chat?
Most chats are between 60 and 90 seconds similar to what has typically been a mall experience. The sample chat is about 60 seconds. You can see it here.
12. Can you supply the Santa?
We are in contact with many Santas so yes, we can usually supply a Santa.
13. Can I use the Santa I am used to using?
Yes. Your Santa will just need a laptop with a webcam and a connection to the internet. It is a nice touch if he can be in front of a holiday backdrop to make the video look more authentic.
14. We are a large agency with clients nationwide. How long does it take to set this system up?
Depending upon what you want for reporting it can be a few minutes to a couple of days to set up when using our platform as SaaS. In addition, you would have to coordinate the onsite staffing (someone who can set up a laptop or equivalent) and be connected to the internet and then contract for the Santas. You can hire Santas at your headquarters and coordinate everything from there. The Santas can be anyplace and only need to have a laptop and be connected to the internet. There are Santa associations that can coordinate with their members.
15. What Operating System does your software use?
Our system is set up for Windows only and is Cloud based.
16. Is this just for business or can I set it up in my home for our Holiday Party?
It can be set up anywhere including your home. See What Equipment Will I Need to be sure you have what you need. It can be as simple as a laptop with a webcam connected to the internet.
17. I am a photographer - do you have marketing materials white labeled?
Yes - contact us and we will set you up (no fee).