What green solutions does CTM Interactive offer?

CTM Interactive’s green screen solutions offer much more than a simple backdrop. We also bring the customizable capture and retrieval solutions that will make your next marketing event a success.

Here’s what your organization or company can expect with CTM Interactive providing the green screen solutions experience:

  1. Capture solutionsWe have capture solutions for every client and every scenario. If a brand ambassador is taking the photos, we can provide Activ8 software for use on an iPad. The brand ambassador merely takes the photo using our software and uses the participant’s contact information to send a link to the experience. Marketers may rent or lease an iPad with Active8 installed, or they may use their own iPad to take photos.Alternatively, we can provide a capture solution that relies on user-generated content, or UGC. With Activ8 UGC, marketers can set up the green screen and lighting, invite participants to take photos using their own device, and then have them text their photo along with a keyword. Once the photo is edited, it is automatically sent back to the participant, along with any flip feature, call-to-action or social sharing that could enhance the experience.Our capture solutions are ideal for marketers that have a favored vendor. If the marketer is beholden to the vendor’s system, we can provide a version of the Activ8 software that is compatible with Windows devices.

Retrieval solutions – Capturing the image is only half the job. The other half is editing the photo and sending it back to the participant in a timely manner. CTM Interactive ensures this is possible with several retrieval solutions available to marketers and event planners.

We can develop a standalone retrieval site that people access through a generated link. This link is sent via text or e-mail, and it can include a wealth of features and brand assets to enhance your marketing power. Our retrieval sites can be designed with social sharing buttons, call-to-action buttons and our flip feature, which delivers a message or announcement once the link is accessed.


  1. We can also develop an online event display that presents all of the event photos on a single, aesthetically pleasing format. The content is presented in a sophisticated manner, using clean transitions and animations to breathe additional life into the photos.We can embed event photos into an existing website as well, so if you already have a spot reserved for the photos, we can help get them online as soon as possible.
  2. Data collection and reporting Marketing works best when marketers have plenty of data to work with. The Activ8 software can be used to collect and report on that data, starting with participants’ e-mail addresses and contact information. This can be used to send out a newsletter or subscribe people to your marketing content for additional visibility.On the reporting side, Activ8 generates several reporting metrics for further reviews. For example, Activ8 can report on the number of people who participated in the experience, how many people accessed their photo, how many people clicked on a link when retrieving their photos, how many people shared their photo on social media, and so on. This information is presented in a visually clean way that can be used to make more effective marketing decisions going forward.

What Green Screen Solutions Can Do For Your Branding

Every event can be enhanced with green screen solutions as they offer limitless creativity and an extra bit of fun to any company event, trade show or convention. It’s the kind of marketing that people want to participate in, which means the marketing and branding opportunities are endless.

The tide of marketing is turning toward interactive experiences. There are many statistics that emphasize the point that the overwhelming majority of people prefer an interactive experience over a passive one. For example:

  • According to a 2015 DemandGen report, more than 90 percent of B2B decision makers prefer interactive content to strictly visual content. This shows that many brand managers and ambassadors already understand the value of interactivity.
  • According to a 2016 article published by Inc., 93 percent of marketers state that interactive content is effective at educating consumers. Interactive green screen solutions can educate while entertaining, especially when paired with a customized retrieval site or call to action buttons.
  • According to a 2015 LinkedIn article, interactive marketing produces up to five times the number of page views than a typical visual-only campaign. Interactivity encourages consumers to explore a company’s services and products.
  • According to a 2016 Ion report, 88 percent of marketing professionals state that interactive content is helping set them apart from their competitors. Green screen solutions and other interactive content is still a refreshing change for professionals and consumers alike.

Green screen solutions can provide that interactive edge that most of your competitors are likely missing. Content is king, as every branding expert knows, and interactive content stands out in the crowd.

CTM Interactive’s Green Screen Solutions

Green screen solutions are versatile enough to fit into any event, and they’re impactful enough that they should be considered for a variety of marketing initiatives. No matter what your marketing mission is, CTM Interactive can provide a green screen solution that supports it.