Embrace the current change and go online. Now more than ever we live in the digital marketing world.

VIP PaaS™ allows the agency to add income during these tough times and stay relevant with your clients by providing a service that restores the immediacy and intimacy of live events with a virtual audience no matter where they may be.

Activation begins from user generated content (their photo); our proven VIP PaaS™ Platform instantly creates branded personalized microsites giving the brand a medium for their CTA’s and shareable links for the consumer.

Using our web uploading service (or short code), the consumer responds to your promotion and keeps the brand top of mind. Click to see easy to implement promotion ideas.

Choose between a streaming photo mosaic or digital displays to add entertainment and some isolation relief.

Feel the experience of the consumer by clicking here and uploading a photo and watch the magic begin. Click on the links that will appear to get a feel for the brands communication opportunity.

Just because your audience is at home does not mean you cannot connect with them.

CTMi… turning moments into MOMENTUM

Contact us to set up a demo to get more ideas on setting up a promotion and how best to use the microsite for your brand.