Walk Around Photo Booth for Events

The new walk around photo booth allows you to have all the benefits of a full set up but with no space requirements and no lines.

Our VIP PaaS™ platform allows you to retrieve the photos electronically (we can print too) and create a communications link to your guests.

Plus you can Wrap the Equipment!

PLUS Add a Special Effect to either a Photo or Video and make it even more fun!

OR instead of walking around (or in addition to) add in a 3D Backdrop Set Up and immerse them into the scene that will make them laugh when doing it and share it when they are completed. Your imagination is your only limitation. For Marketing, you can add your product or service being used or just have fun

PLUS show a display of all the images onsite for added entertainment

AND electronic delivery is via the VIP PaaS™ Platform allowing you to communicate with a social message or a marketing message with links to social sharing right on mobile.

Click here for details on retrieval site.

S0 a fun activity, onsite entertainment, social sharing, And budget friendly – A WIN WIN WIN and WIN!!